General Information

Digital Camera Care
  • Do not use cleaners containing organic solvents, such as alcohol, benzene, or thinner to wipe the camera or screen.
  • To clean the camera or screen, recommended wipe it with a dry soft cloth.
  • To remove dust from the lens, recommended use a commercially blower.
  • When recording, take special care to avoid strong impact to the lens caused by bumping it against another object, dropping the camera, etc.
  • Never subject the lens to excessive force by holding it by the lens while aiming or handling it.
  • To keep the camera from falling accidentally, always keep the strap around your wrist whenever using or handling the camera.
  • Never subject the camera to strong impact by dropping it.
  • Never place the camera in a pocket whose shape, size, location, etc. creates the risk of the camera falling out. Remember that placing the camera in a breast pocket creates the risk of it falling put whenever bend forward.
  • When packing the camera in a bag, be sure you pack it in such way that it will not be subjected to excessive force or impact.
  • Never sit down with the camera in the hip pocket of your slacks or shirt.

Frequently Asked Questions