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CASIO is best known with its electronic product, especially for calculators. In 2006, Casio's total global sales reach 1 billion calculators. Casio Calculator are designed and engineered for performances. 

We provide full range of Casio consumer technology products that cater various type of consumers. 
1) Basic users such as household user. (Practical Calculator)
2) School students (Scientific Calculator – Standard Model, Graphic Calculator) 
3) Professional user (Scientific Calculator – graphic calculator and programmable calculator & Printing Calculator). 

We are committed to provide product educational support and efficient after sales service. CASIO calculators are available at major retail and stationery stores. 

  • Practical Calculators

    Practical Calculators
  • Printing Calculators

    Printing Calculators
  • Scientific Calculators

    Scientific Calculators
  • Professional Calculators

    Professional Calculators