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In 1958, the first casual shoe by Hush Puppies has made the world become a little more relaxed. Ever since, Hush Puppies has enjoyed the powerful brand awareness worldwide along with the basset hound trademark and strong network have contributed towards its consistent growth for over five decades.The determination to sets Hush Puppies as wide appealing brand, commitments in brand enhancement was sets-in and it has flourished the development of product categories that extended to apparel, watches, bags and other accessories that sells in over 135 countries. 

Hush Puppies Timepieces were launched in in 2002. The collection is consistent with strong brand attributes: Authentic, Relaxed, Casual Stylish, Classic, Confident and Relevant, targeted to stylish man and woman who likes casual, relaxed, natural and inviting living style. The mentioned collections were made available internationally and received well with positive reviews.

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